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  • Celebrating Environmental Heroes

    Celebrating Environmental Heroes

    Honorees for 2014 - Tally Sweat, April Ingle & Galloway & Lyndall, LLC


  • Clean Water

    Clean Water

    Protecting Georgia's Rivers and Waterways


  • Environmental Justice

    Environmental Justice

    Defending the rights of all


  • Clean Air & Energy

    Clean Air & Energy

    Promoting Clean Energy


  • About GreenLaw

    About GreenLaw

    Creating Consensus


  • Coastal Protection

    Coastal Protection

    Save the Spit


Latest News

Public Outcry Against Proposed Mine Continues to Grow, Mining Company Withdraws Permit Application

After hundreds of local residents, conservation groups, and elected officials expressed concerns around a proposed mining operation that would cover over 4,000 acres in Wayne County and threaten nearby watersheds, DuPont Titanium Technologies has withdrawn its application for a surface mining permit with the Environmental Protection Division (EPD). GreenLaw along with its partners aided in drafting the proposed ordinance and public meetings that lead to permit withdrawl.


Flint Riverkeeper Raises Odor and Illegal Discharge Concerns about Tencate Textile Facility

The Flint Riverkeeper filed comments August 8, 2014 with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (“EPD”), objecting to the propsosed content of a draft renewal permit for the TenCate/Southern Mills (“TenCate”) facility in Molena, Georgia. The Riverkeeper’s primary objections are to the noxious smell caused by the LAS spray and the overspray and flow of chemicals into tributaries of the Flint River. Also, results of well testing on TenCate property have shown pollution exceeding state limits. The Riverkeeper is represented by GreenLaw senior attorney, Hutton Brown.


Galloway & Lyndall awarded prestigious Ogden Doremus Award for Excellence in Environmental Law by GreenLaw

Terri Lyndall and Newton Galloway, Galloway & LyndallLaw Partners, Newton Galloway and Terry Lyndall, with Galloway & Lyndall, LLC, will be receiving the Ogden Doremus Award for Excellence in Environmental Law on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at GreenLaw’s annual Environmental Heroes event.


Lifetime Achievement Award to be given to Tally Sweat by GreenLaw

Tally Sweat - Lifetime Achievement Award 2014 Environmental HeroGreenLaw is awarding Tally Sweat its Lifetime Achievement award at its annual Environmental Heroes event on Tuesday, October 7, 2014. A longtime activist and volunteer, Tally was working on environmental issues long before many of today’s enthusiasts could spell “environmental”.


April Ingle is GreenLaw’s Environmental Hero for 2014

April Ingle 2014 Environmental HeroGreenLaw is awarding April Ingle of the Georgia River Network (GRN) as its Environmental Hero for 2014. Ingle has been the Executive Director of GRN since 2003 and will be stepping down after nine years to enter the private consulting community.