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The 14-county metro-Atlanta area is home to over 160 hazardous waste sites. The Metro-Atlanta Environmental Justice Project brings needed resources to the most disadvantaged communities by providing education, advocacy and legal representation to stop illegal pollution and protect public health.
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An environmental group is suing Rayonier Inc., alleging that its factory in southeast Georgia is discharging millions of gallons of waste that darken the Altamaha River and make it smell miles downstream.
Absentee developers are trying to develop 7 acres of land in an eroding part of the south tip of Sea Island called the Spit. GreenLaw is protecting homeowners and wildlife. Join us as we "Save the Spit".
Today, dozens of Sierra Club members, clean energy supporters and Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) staff testified in favor of bringing new clean, affordable wind energy to Georgia consumers. Georgia Power, the state’s largest electricity provider, is asking the Public Service Commission to approve two contracts to import 250 megawatts (MW) of wind power, enough to power more than 60,000 Georgia homes, from wind farms in Oklahoma. In written testimony, Public Service Commission staff indicated that Georgia Power customers could save even more money on electricity bills if the company signed additional contracts for affordable wind power.
It is pretty clear that the current, out-of-state owners of Sea Island are using the tactic of Admiral Farragut who famously said, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead,” as they push their plan to cram eight mega-mansions on the fragile south end of the island, known as “The Spit.”

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