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  • Celebrating Environmental Heroes

    Celebrating Environmental Heroes

    Honorees for 2014 - Tally Sweat, April Ingle & Galloway & Lyndall, LLC


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    Clean Water

    Protecting Georgia's Rivers and Waterways


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    Environmental Justice

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    Clean Air & Energy

    Promoting Clean Energy


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    About GreenLaw

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    Coastal Protection

    Save the Spit


Latest News

Road to a Clean Air America

Michael - Clean Air AmericaWith the EPA Clean Power Plan beginning to make news, this Atlanta produced video links clean air to environmental justice.

While the air around us may feel clean, harmful pollutants like greenhouse gases are being emitted into the air from coal-fired power plants greenhouse gases and carbon pollution make our air dirty and threat now held especially for children elderly communities of color and low-income residents. That's not right. That's not safe!

Sabal Trail Natural Gas Pipeline Threatens Air Quality in Southwest Georgia

Proposed Natrural Gas Pipeline for Albany, GeorgiaLast week, additional concerns were raised about a proposed natural gas pipeline that threatens to cut across large swaths of Southwest Georgia, including longleaf pine tracts. GreenLaw, on behalf of a number of conservation groups, filed comments with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD) that raised objections about air quality along the pipeline, including a proposed compressor station outside Albany, Georgia.


Major US Companies: Unmet Renewable Energy Demand Requires Market

Companies including Mars, Sprint, Walmart, GM and Facebook urge energy suppliers to offer more renewable energy products that meet their needs

World Wildlife FederationSeeking to increase availability ofcost-competitive renewable energy to run their businesses, 12 leading companies today signed the Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles to better communicate their purchasing needs and expectations to the marketplace. The companies – Bloomberg, Facebook, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, Novelis, Procter and Gamble, REI, Sprint, and Walmart – are hoping the principles will open up new opportunities for collaboration with utilities and energy suppliers to increase their ability to buy renewable energy.


Obama plan proposes large reductions in greenhouse gases

Tom CrawfordThe Obama administration released a proposal Monday to reduce by 30 percent over the next two decades the greenhouses gases emitted by coal-fired power plants, a plan that would have a major impact on Georgia’s largest utilities.

The proposed changes in the air pollution rules enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency represent, along with the Affordable Care Act, the biggest policy initiatives of Barack Obama’s two terms as president.


A River's Story: Reclaiming the Altamaha

The Altamaha is one of the largest rivers in Georgia. After 50 years, the river has lost its life. New technology can fix it's problem. This video was shot in 2012, but the message is the same. Save our river! Find out more at the www.altamahariverkeeper.org.