Our Clients

Over the past 15 years, GreenLaw has worked collaboratively with the environmental and community groups throughout Georgia who are the watchdogs monitoring the government’s enforcement of environmental laws and regulations. When these organizations have requested technical assistance or legal action in their activities to maintain natural resources and preserve community health, they have turned to us. GreenLaw has worked closely with the network of Riverkeeper organizations in the nine river basins of the state as well as with statewide organizations such as the Sierra Club.
Our Clients have included:

GreenLaw is also a member of a coalition called Georgians for Smart Energy, which seeks to increase awareness of the interdependence of our use of energy and our environment and public health.  For more information about the coalition go to www.georgiansforsmartenergy.org.  GSE coordinates much of the grassroots activity around coal-fired power plants and their alternatives as sources of power for our economy.