Our History

GreenLaw was founded in 1992 by attorneys, law professors, and judges committed to providing community groups in Georgia with the legal and technical tools needed to protect their environment and public health. These founders recognized the essential need for a powerful public interest legal group to challenge industry and government actions that have degraded Georgia's environment.

For decades, Georgia environmental and conservation groups have prodded polluters to obey the law while also demanding that the state enforce the law more effectively. However, the protection of our resources often depends on the interpretation and implementation of complex environmental laws and regulations. Industrial polluters pay large corporate firms with fleets of lawyers and aides to protect their interests. The government is well prepared to defend its inadequate enforcement of the law with the assistance of attorneys who are funded by taxpayer monies.

GreenLaw’s legal expertise has been an essential component in the battle to compel unresponsive government agencies to enforce the law and to force industries to remedy serious water and air pollution violations across the state. We have a solid history of success: our water quality program has forced industry to install critical pollution controls at facilities across the state. GreenLaw's air program has stopped the permitting of two new coal-fired plants and reduced emissions at existing plants. And our environmental justice program has a solid track record of representing low-income community groups to tackle pollution in their back yards. While much progress has been made in our short history, much remains to be done. GreenLaw stands ready to meet these challenges.

GreenLaw was formerly known as the Georgia Center for Law in the Public Interest.