Earth Day Event

Earth Day 2016: Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church


We would like to cordially invite you, your family, and/or organization to participate in this year’s Earth Day Service at the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. This event will take place on April 24th at both the 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. services in the Horizon Sanctuary.   This year’s central theme will be “Urban Agriculture” with a focus on Community Gardening in our neighborhoods.  The goal of our event is to put a focus of the needs for better access to fresh, healthier vegetables and fruits in lower incomes and vulnerable communities. The accessibility of a good and stable food systems is a high priority globally to ensure all communities, especially these communities, have what they need to live a healthy and long life.  Access to fresh vegetables is essential to lowering the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity in these effected communities. 


Special Interfaith creation care messaging is also planned to provide a global, multi-faith creation care perspective.


In addition, at the 11 a.m. service we will be recognizing Laura Turner Seydell for her years of unselfish work, genuine commitment and accomplishments in the Care of Creation for our land, air and water.  Her extensive record of service to humanity has included work in environmental conservation and stewardship, policy and advocacy, philanthropy, youth development, and founding of the Captain Planet Foundation.  The Mayor’s Office of the City of Atlanta will also be on hand to give special recognition for Laura Turner Seydell tireless work in the community.


The service will also recognize “front-line” advocacy and agency groups and individuals for their work in Flint Michigan and elsewhere on environmental and climate justice issues.  Renowned environmentalist, Reverend Gerald Durley, former Pastor of Providence Baptist Church and White House Champion of Change (Environmentalism and Faith) will deliver the Creation Care sermon



Following the service we are creating an outdoor “Farmers Market” for fresh fruits and vegetables. Over fifty advocacy, policy, academic, environmental justice, equity, agency, nonprofit and faith groups have been invited to join in the service and provide expertise to worshipers in urban agriculture and community gardening.We would greatly appreciate if you consider being a part of our “Farmers Market and Expo” For more information please contact; Garry Harris, Creation Care Ministry Leader; 404 936 0620.