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Fighting to Save the Ogeechee River
King America Finishing Permit Insufficient
Greenlaw submits comments on behalf of Ogeechee Riverkeeper
GreenLaw submitted comments on behalf of Ogeechee Riverkeeper outlining deficiencies in the permits for the wastewater discharge of King America Finishing to the Ogeechee River. Problems with the proposed discharge permit include the failure to include permit limits for pollutants, failure to require third party monitoring, and failure to require monitoring for sulfate or mercury.

These comments come on the heels of the State of Georgia's largest fish kill downstream from King America Finishing in May of 2011.  A state investigation into the fish kill discovered that the industrial operation had been illegally discharging pollution from two flame retardant finishing lines into its wastewater operations and discharging that waste into the Ogeechee River for nearly five years. 

In addition to fixing the deficiencies with the permit, the letter requests a public hearing, independent, third-party pollution monitoring, online posting of discharge monitoring, and that all permit conditions be met on the effective date of the permit.

The full comment letter is available here.

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