Interactive Guide: Industrial Facilities

Step 8: Tool Kit

Is An Industrial Facility Dumping Excess Pollutants Into Your Waterways?

This interactive guide will teach you how to find out. Here you will learn how to examine industrial records for Clean Water Act violations committed by industrial facilities.

It is a violation of the Clean Water Act to exceed the limits in an NPDES permit. If these violations occur, and EPD fails to take action, you can do something about it.

But first you must find out whether or not there have been violations. We are going to lead you through some documents to show you how to gather and understand this valuable information.

There Are Four Main Steps:

Step One: What are the Limits?

First, you will learn how to determine what limits an industrial facility must abide by under the Clean Water Act.

Step Two: Have They Violated Those Limits?

The next step is to take a look some sample DMRs (Discharge Monitoring Reports) and spot the violations.

Step Three: Can You Find the Violations?

View the interactive DMR and test your knowledge.

Step Four: What's Next?

If you think that there are violations, or you are not sure and have questions, the next step is to contact us.