DMR - Sample 1

Below you will find a DMR (Discharge Monitoring Report) form that you can review for violations.

Each category (Flow, pH, BOD, etc.), has specific limits.

Violations are marked in yellow. Below the form, you will find an assessment of each category and why it is or is not in violation. (A helpful suggestion: Many DMRs will actually have a column entitled "number of Exceedances" or "No. Ex." that indicates whether or not there has been a violation. Take a look to see if there is such a column and it may help you spot the violations).

There are five pages of sample DMRs. If you think you've learned how to find violations, go to Step Three: Can You Find the Violations to see if you can spot them on your own.

Sample DMR 1 - City of Cochran

  1. Flow: They have not violated their permit for flow because .409 is below both the average and maximum values .6 and .75.
  2. pH: 8.8 is between the permit limit of 6-9.
  3. BOD: This is a violation of the monthly average. The reported level is 34 which is greater than the monthly average limit of 30. It is not a violation of the maximum limit as it is below 45. Don't get fooled by the "58". This number represents the "influent" or what goes in to the plant. We are concerned with what comes out of the plant.
  4. Total Suspended Solids: This is not a violation as the reported value of 42 is below both the average limit of 90 and the maximum limit of 120.
  5. % Removal BOD: This is a violation. The reported level is 41 and the city is required to exceed 85%.
  6. % Removal Total Suspended Solids: This is a violation. The reported level is 23 and the city is required to exceed 85%. Now, just to let you know, this City has an oxidation pond and is exempt from the requirement but the city that you may look at in the future may not be!
  7. Fecal Coliform: There are no limits or monitoring requirements for this pollutant, so no violation.
  8. DO: There is no violation as 9.73 is greater than the required minimum 2.0.
  9. Phosphorous: There are no limits for phosphorous so no violation.