DMR - Sample 1A

When reviewing a DMR, try these helpful suggestions:

Many DMRs will actually have a column or row entitled "Number of Exceedances" or "No.Ex." that indicates whether or not there has been a violation. Take a look to see if there is such a column and it may help you spot the violations.

Many times, at the top of a column, the DMR will indicate what the limits are so that all you need to do is compare the number at the top of the column (or sometimes at the left side of a row, depending on the format of the DMR) and compare the numbers. Just look for a number that exceeds the limit!

Using these tools, let's look for violations on some DMRs.

Industrial DMR Sample

Can you see the column labeled "no. times max. exceeded?"

This facility violated its zinc limit by discharging at 2.63 on September 23, 1999. This is a violation of both its average and maximum limits (1.48 and 2.61 respectively).