The Clean Water Act Laws and Regulations

In addition to building a strong body of information about your watershed, you may want to build a small clean water law library.

Federal Law

Find out more about the Clean Water Act here.  A copy of the CWA’s implementing regulations from the Code of Federal Regulations are available online (go to Title 40, Protection of the Environment) or in a single manual, available from government printing office bookstores for about $50.

Printed copies of the Clean Water Act and regulations are available in most major cities at the government printing office. However, some of these materials may be available at a cost. Call (404) 605-9160, or write to the Regional Government Printing Office (GPO), 1888 Emery Street, Suite 110, Buckhead West, Atlanta, GA 30318-2542.

State Law

Find all of the statutes and rules for regulating Georgia's environment here. Like under the federal scheme, a statute - in this case the Georgia Water Quality Control Act - governs water quality issues, but the details of how that statute works in Georgia can be found by reviewing the regulations that have been promulgated by the state Environmental Protection Division.