2013 End of the Year Letter

Ogeechee Riverkeeper is awarded $2.5 million to help clean up the river after the worst fish kill in Georgia history. Georgia Power includes over 800 MW of renewable energy as part of its portfolio - including more solar and, for the first time, wind power. Fulton County becomes the first county in our nation to consider environmental justice impacts for new polluting businesses. Jekyll Island is working on significant protections to prevent overdevelopment.

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These are just a few of the almost inconceivable opportunities for environmental protection in Georgia over the past year. Yet throughout our great state, there are still powerful political and industry interests with significant dollars behind their work ignoring our unique natural places and communities. Fortunately, GreenLaw works on behalf of Georgia's environment and the people's voice as your nonprofit law firm.

But, we don't work alone. With groups like the Ogeechee Riverkeeper, the Sierra Club, the Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Georgia Interfaith Power & Light and communities like the Bolton Road Community Association and the Washington County NAACP, our combined expertise and dedication ensure the environment has a seat at the table with industry and government.

What We Accomplished with Your Help in 2013
Ogeechee_Landing GreenLaw and Stack & Associates represented the Ogeechee Riverkeeper in a Clean Water Act case against a textile plant after a May 2011 fish kill on the river.  The case settled for $2.5 million in October, which will enable the river protection group to clean up and monitor the river. The settlement also resulted in a stricter discharge permit and $2.5 million in wastewater treatment upgrades.  
wind energy child This past year Georgia also made unprecedented strides toward cleaner air. Thanks to a group effort including GreenLaw, Georgia's Public Service Commission approved Georgia Power's plan to close 15 coal and oil units across the state and add 525 MW of solar generation to Georgia Power's portfolio.  In addition, Georgia Power has announced plans to add 250 MW of wind power to our state's energy mix, which is currently pending before the Georgia Public Service Commission.
In partnership with government agencies, community organizations, and grassroots stakeholders, GreenLaw formed Georgia's first ever Environmental Justice Alliance.  This collaboration offers a forum for sharing perspectives, resources, and solutions for communities disproportionately affected by pollution.
Additionally, GreenLaw partnered with the Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island to ensure that the master planning process includes critical protections against overdeveloping the island and preserving its precious natural resources for many generations to come.
If each organization representing a single aspect of the environmental challenges facing our state pursued the work alone, our impact would be limited. Because GreenLaw understands the power of many voices together, we continuously look for new ways to represent other environmental organizations, affected communities and individuals to protect the beautiful natural places in our state.
This year we're asking for your financial support to continue making sure Georgia's citizens have a voice. On our own, environmental organizations can feel outmanned by the forces on the other side. But by combining our knowledge, talent and resources along with your support, GreenLaw can continue enforcing the environmental policies that create a thriving Georgia where people want to live, work and play.

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