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Environmental Justice

The development of extensive environmental regulation over the last three decades has afforded many Americans a sense of security, a security born of the belief that environmental laws will effectively protect them from toxic chemicals and pollutants. Yet, the history of the U.S. and Georgia highlights the truth that such protection from toxic pollution does not accrue equally to all Americans. People of color and low-income Americans often suffer disproportionately from the effects of toxic pollution.

In the last twenty years, more and more evidence has emerged relating to the placement of landfills, truck depots and incinerators in low-income neighborhoods, the disproportionate impact of air pollution on inner-city urban residents and the high incidence of lead poisoning in Latino and African-American children. GreenLaw believes that environmental regulation must protect all Georgians equally. Every Georgian deserves a sense of safety, and GreenLaw works to make the application and enforcement of Georgia’s environmental laws worthy of that trust.

With this aim in mind, GreenLaw has worked to provide high quality legal services to under-represented communities. GreenLaw has: