Environmental Heroes Host Committee 2009

Cherokee Rose

Butler, Wooten Fryhofer

Brown Thrasher

Interface Environmental Foundation, Inc.

Parks, Chesin & Walbert

John A. and Eileen Thompson

Tiger Swallowtail

Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore, LLP

J. Franklin Burns

The George E. Crouch Foundation of Georgia

Doffermyre Shields Canfield & Knowles

Fort Trustee Fund

John and Pam Helms

Richard and Linda Hubert

Nicole G. Iannarone

Greg & Willa Presmanes

Andrew M. Scherffius

David Worley

Honey Bee

Mary Alice and Albert Anderson

N. William and Linda Bath

Joe, Kay and Theo Beck

Bell & Brigham

Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Dr. Robert L. and Lucinda W. Bunnen

Clements & Sweet

Bertis Downs

Ronald and Jean Ellington

EMSA Fund, Inc.

Lee Garrett

Georgia Conservation Voters Education Fund

Sam and Robin Harben

Michael E. Kramer and Dr. Gerri Goodman

Charles T. Lester, Jr.

Leigh and Gil May


John and Midge Sweet

Amy Totenberg and Ralph Green

Robert G. Wellon

Bobwhite Quail

Jim Abbot and Jeanne LaSala

Stephen and Susan Apolinsky

Kathy and R. Lawrence Ashe

Bennett and Casto, P.C.

Sam Booher

Cathy, Bo and Jane Bradshaw

Jeffrey Bramlett

Martin and Anne Emanuel

Sharon A. Gay
Carolyn Hall

James R. Henderson

George L. Howell

Dorothy Yates Kirkley

Linda Klein and Mike Neuren

Nicolas and Kalin Kory

Sandra Michaels

David and Debra Moskowitz

Richard Ossoff and Heather Fenton

Bobbie and Rod Paul

Wayne Reece

Schulten, Ward & Turner

Nathan Shaffer and Lauri Markowitz

Stack & Associates

Taliaferro Countians Against Landfill

Mark Woodall


Ross and Yum Arnold

David A. Bain

Thomas M. Barksdale

Randy Beebe and Stacy Reynolds

Nancy and Charlie Belin

Claude and Rachel Bell

Don and Judy Bender

Jeff Berhold and Maureen Richmond

Milton Bevington and Paula Lawton Bevington

Carol M. Binns
Larry Christensen and Paula Snively

David Cofrin and Christine Tryba-Cofrin

William & Benie Colvin

Coosa River Basin Initiative

Charles M. Cork, III
Reynolds and Sally Couch
Maria and Hugh Crawford

Dennis Creech and Callie Pendergrast

Kurt Ebersbach

The Finley Firm

Robert K. Finnell

Frank and Karen Fuerst

Galloway & Lyndall

Mark S. and Kathryn M. Gannon

Georgia Conservancy

Georgia River Network

Renee Lewis Glover

Bruce Hagen

Anne Harper and Greg Nobles

Dr. W. Lloyd and Nell Hudson, Jr.

Carol Jackson and Art Bone

Henry Kahn and Mickey Gilmor-Kahn

Howard Kaplan and Julie Edelson

Steven and Sheri Labovitz

Angel R. Leon, MD

Cary and Carleen Logan
Bill and Catharine Lundy

Sheryl McCalla

Robert R. and Monica McLendon

Maggie Mermin

Richard Mitchell and Susan Kupferberg

Nick and Effie Moraitakis

Judy O'Brien

Ogeechee-Canoochee Riverkeeper

Wyc and Lyn Orr

Nan Grogan Orrock

Albert M. Pearson, III

Radiance Solar

Satilla Riverkeeper

Andrew M. and Stella Smith

Fran and Judy Stallings

Joan and Abraham Walker

Thomas and Beth Warren

Aaron Watson


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