GreenLaw Salutes President Barack Obama

As President Obama Leaves Office, GreenLaw Salutes and Thanks the Man Who Did So Much to Protect our Environment

Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Photo credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP

President Barack Obama leaves behind an impressive track record for protecting our environment. Beginning with his first act, signing a major environmental law fixing a broken chemical safety system by ensuring that deadly chemicals will be banned, new chemicals will be checked and industries cannot hide health concerns, he set out on a path of being one of our greatest environmentalist presidents.

In 2009, he designated $90 billion for a multiple of green initiatives including retrofitting homes for energy efficiency, fueling development of wind and solar power, researching carbon capture for coal-burning plants and manufacturing cleaner cars.

President Obama also took the bold step of rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline. The proposed pipeline would have stretched nearly 1,200 miles across six U.S. states, moving more than 800,000 barrels of carbon-heavy petroleum daily from Canadian oil sands through Nebraska to refineries in the Gulf Coast.

Environmentalists were relieved to see him take a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Opposition to Dakota Access led by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe asserts that the North-Dakota-to-Illinois pipeline could contaminate its water supply. The tribe's land ends about a half mile from the disputed part of the route.

He has used his presidency to educate America about the dangers of climate change. He worked with China and 195 countries to reduce climate pollution on a global agreement (no mean accomplishment) as leader of that effort.

Time and again, we have witnessed President Obama take a stand on environmental concerns as he labored to keep our land safe.

We salute and thank President Barack Obama for his great work for our environment and protecting the earth from threats to us and our children. At GreenLaw, we pledge to continue our work in support of his. Please Join us. Click DONATE on