GreenLaw Files Motion for Rehearing on the Sabal Trail Pipeline

Posted Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mark Woodall, Sierra Club Georgia Vice Chair had the following comments regarding the motion:

"The Sierra Club deeply appreciates GreenLaw's continued efforts against the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline. Investing billions of dollars in a fracked gas pipeline to Florida is a terrible idea.  The pipeline would allow Florida Power and Light to spend billions on new gas fired power plants and continue to evade clean energy in the ‘Sunshine State,’ the very place that ought to be most concerned about climate change. The Sabal Trail pipeline is a huge environmental justice issue in southwest Georgia where GreenLaw's work is especially appreciated."

The Federal Government gave the green light to this controversial natural gas pipeline that many people have fought to stop. The pipeline would go through multiple South Georgia counties, and includes a compressor station in Dougherty County, to push gas to Florida.