Looking Back, Moving Forward

GreenLaw's executive director, Stephanie Stuckey Benfield, reflects on our 2012 accomplishments and looks ahead to another remarkable year in 2013.


To our dedicated supporters:

We’ve accomplished a lot here at GreenLaw since I started as executive director in the spring.  Here’s a quick run-down of some of our top accomplishments in 2012:

In 2013, GreenLaw will move forward with several important cases, including:

As you can see, we have an ambitious agenda ahead of us, but GreenLaw is up to the challenges we face in giving Georgia’s environment its day in court.  Many thanks to our donors and supporters who’ve made the important work we do possible.  We are grateful to you all and look forward to a successful 2013!

Stephanie Stuckey Benfield
Executive Director - See more at: http://greenlaw.org/info/99279#sthash.s9KY3m5R.dpuf