Savannah Morning News: Ogeechee research begins

GreenLaw continues to follow progress on the Ogeechee River. A major grant program was announced to give early warning protection for the river to be conducted by Georiga Southern University. The article describes the scope of the program and goals. We pulled a couple of paragraphs from the article. You can read the whole article by following the link below. 

By Mary Landers - August 28, 2014

“If we understand the baseline over seasons and years, when something isn’t right, we should be able to see that signal,” said Stephen Vives, a fish biologist who chairs GSU’s (Georgia Southern University) biology department.

Teams from two departments at Georgia Southern — biology and geology & geography — are leading the research. They announced Tuesday that they reached an agreement with the Georgia Department of Transportation to make a 250-acre tract of its land near the Oliver Bridge into a permanent field station for the university.

The geology and geography team will create local drought indices along the Ogeechee, a 294-mile-long blackwater river. It will also measure the chemical loading of water as it moves through the forest and through the floodplain into the river, said department chair Jeff Underwood, a meteorologist.

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