Summer Interns Fill GreenLaw Office Space

GreenLaw welcomes three interns to the office for the summer: two law students at the University of Georgia (UGA) and one rising junior at the Atlanta Girls’ School (AGS). Amy Walker and John Crotty, third year law students at UGA, have been working on issues in the air quality and environmental justice area, while Kelsey Dutcher has been working on writing and research for the website and newsletter.

Amy, who is a Mississippi native, hopes to be involved in planning and building an eco-village someday in addition to working in environmental law. She is deeply committed to GreenLaw’s mission to provide high quality, free legal services to community groups looking to protect their communities and their health and also to the importance of stewardship of the earth. John, an Illinois native, wants to be a natural resources attorney. He was inspired to become an environmentalist by childhood nature walks with his aunt where he saw large de-forested areas in the midst of pristine woods that had been cut without regard to the environmental consequences.

Kelsey learned about GreenLaw through a course in philanthropy taught by Amy Jorgensen Conlee at AGS. Kelsey is considering going into environmental or civil rights law, and knows that whatever career path she takes, possessing good writing and research skills will be important. She is acting on her environmental commitments already by commuting via MARTA to GreenLaw’s new office.

GreenLaw’s Staff Attorney, Ela Orenstein, was a GreenLaw intern in 2005, an experience that motivated her to return here after completing her law degree at the University of Oregon, where she specialized in Environmental Law.

Our interns work without compensation from us; someday we would like to have funds available for such a purpose. We thank them for their contributions and are confident that we are mentoring the next generation of young professionals who will take care of the earth and its people.