The Georgia Center for Law in the Public Interest is now GreenLaw

For fifteen years we have provided high-quality legal and technical assistance to Georgia's environmental organizations. Our new name communicates that mission.

Our new name reflects more clearly than ever our mission of providing high-quality legal assistance to citizen groups which need professional help when confronting environmental pollution that threatens the public health of their communities. Our 15-year history of winning cases on behalf Georgia's environment continues unchanged.

The Board of Directors of the Georgia Center for Law in the Public Interest announced that the 15-year-old organization is changing its name to GreenLaw, Inc. Founded in 1992 by a small group of dedicated lawyers, this organization has effectively challenged industry and government actions that have degraded Georgia’s environment for years.

Current Board President, Gregory T. Presmanes, emphasized that the new name is for better communication of the work of the organization, which partners closely with concerned citizens and environmental organizations to protect Georgia’s natural resources and public health. “There is more unlawful pollution in our state than we should have and GreenLaw will continue to compel unresponsive government agencies to enforce laws like the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act.”

Justine Thompson, Executive Director, has led the organization for the past eight years, winning victories that have forced industries and developers to remedy serious water and air pollution violations across the state. “Our legal actions have brought about the installation of tens of millions of dollars worth of new pollution controls that protect our human health and natural beauty.” GreenLaw has recently added a Senior Attorney, Hutton Brown, bringing the total years of experience of the organization’s legal staff of four attorneys to over 55 years.