B More

Meet Environmental Watchdog B. More!

Close up of a happy medium sized dog

Meet the first adoptable dog in our ‪#‎ecowatchdog‬ series: B. More!

B. More is a sweet, well behaved dog with so much love to give. She's three years old and has been spayed, fully vaccinated, and microchipped.

A medium energy level dog who loves playing with toys and splashing in water, B. More is also perfectly content to just snuggle on the couch. Belly rubs are her favorite! She is working on her commands and is very polite. She sits and waits to get her food, and comes when called even if she's out playing.

A medium sized brown dog standing on a chair looking off into the distance

Right now B. More is learning leash manners and to "leave it" when she sees squirrels. She doesn't like to be left alone but does fine in her crate, and her foster parent thinks she will adjust to being left alone once she gets into a routine with her new family. B. More is house trained and always asks to go out, and hasn't had any accidents in the house.

Thanks to a generous pledge to Fulton County Animal Services, $100 will be donated to the vet of the person that adopts B. More!

B. More (475614) is 3 years old, 45 lbs, and has completed treatment for heartworms in her foster home. Visit Fulton County Animal Services to meet B. More and make this #ecowatchdog part of your family!

A medium sized brown down looks happily to the left in front of fall leaves