Sabal Trail Pipeline threatens Georgia's residents, environment

Sabal Trail Pipeline threatens Georgia's residents and environment

Spectra Energy's proposed Sabal Trail pipeline and compressor station threaten Georgia's local environment, and pose serious threats to private property, health, and the state's economy.

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Spectra has a terrible safety record. Furthermore, in their interactions with the communities the pipeline will endanger, Spectra has shown that they do not care about the homeowners and families who might stand in the way of their profits.

Infographic on Spectra's record of health and safety violations, also detailing their refusal to work with members of the community their pipeline would threatenThe proposed route for the Sabal Trail pipeline and compressor station is incredibly dangerous. Though safer alternative routes have been proposed, including ones that do not travel through Georgia at all, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has rejected all of them. This negligence is unsurprising when you consider that the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was created by a leading gas industry consultant that prides itself on getting pipelines built. In fact, the sinkhole study section was drafted by Sabal's own consultant. FERC is turning a blind eye to the needless threatening of Georgia's environment, but the potential consequences of this project cannot be ignored.

Infographic on the harmful impacts of pipelines and compressor stations, and the threats the Sabal pipeline poses to Southwestern GeorgiaIn addition to the numerous threats to the environment, the Sabal Trail pipeline and compressor station also put lives in Georgia at significant risk. The construction of the pipeline and compressor station is also expected to significantly reduce property values, essentially trapping those who live there by rendering them financially unable to move away.

Infographic on the threats the Sabal pipeline poses to Southwestern Georgia communities The Sabal Trail pipeline and compressor station would expose some of Georgia's most volunerable communties to overwhelming pollution, contamination, and health threats.

Infographic on the health and safety risks posed by the Sabal Trail pipelineHowever, there is hope. With enough public sentiment against the Sabal Trail pipeline, the regulatory bodies in charge of allowing or preventing the Sabal Trail pipeline project may be compelled to make the right decision and reject the construction of the pipeline and compressor station, protecting Georgia's environment and citizens from this massive threat to their wellbeing and way of life. Every day we stay silent, this threat grows closer.

Act today to help save land and lives from this potentially devastating pipeline.

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