"Save the Spit" Campaign launched to protect Sea Island's fragile spit

GreenLaw builds a collaborative campaign to protect fragile habitat on Sea Island

GreenLaw is launching the “Save the Spit” campaign to fight overdevelopment on Sea Island. The Save the Spit campaign is a collaborative social media campaign that will build public consensus and awareness about the issues concerning the latest plan by Sea Island Acquisitions to overdevelop Sea Island.

“The proposed development is home to turtle nesting grounds and migratory bird habitat – we believe that’s worth protecting.” stated Stephanie Stuckey Benfield, Executive Director of GreenLaw. “This fragile piece of land serves as a natural barrier against storm damage.  Have we not learned our lessons from Katrina and superstorm Sandy?” Benfield added.

At the Islands Planning Commission hearing held on January 21, 2014, Steven Caley, GreenLaw’s Coastal Protection Attorney, cited scientific data from Dr. Chester Jackson, Jr., an Assistant Professor of Geology at Georgia Southern University, and Dr. Fred Marland, a nationally respected marine scientist and retired Director of Marsh and Beach, GA DNR,  showing that the Spit has been seriously eroding for several years including 100 feet in just the past 10 years.  As a result, sea walls or similar devices undoubtedly would need to be built along the entire developed area thereby increasing the rate of erosion for the remaining portion of the spit. Mr. Caley also noted that development of this fragile and ecologically important site would require the construction of an access road through invaluable and protected coastal wetlands and marsh.  Studies prove that the Spit is at its most endangered position ever.

Based upon low elevation levels and uneven topography of the Spit, approximately 5,000 dump trucks of dirt would have to be brought in to build up the land in order to sell lots at estimated prices of  $4 million to $8 million per lot. The lots would be sold by New York hedge fund investors who purchased Sea Island Company a few years ago.

GreenLaw created the “Save the Spit” Campaign to disseminate information about what is being done to save this home to over 30 sea turtles nests that yield on average 3,000 eggs each year and 144 species of birds.

To support the campaign, interested citizens are being asked to “like” the “Save the Spit” Facebook Page and sign our petition urging Glynn County Commissioners to stop the development. They are also encouraged to follow @GreenLaw_GL and use the hashtag #savethespit when sharing articles and information on Twitter. For more detailed information, please visit the Save the Spit special section on the GreenLaw website that will be the repository of articles, editorials and documents about the case.


Media Contact:
Stephanie Stuckey Benfield, GreenLaw

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