Longleaf Amicus Briefs Filed in the Georgia Supreme Court

August 26, 2009 - Today, over thirty organizations registered their opposition to the Longleaf Energy Station coal fired power plant by submitting amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs with the Georgia Supreme Court.  A wide array of local, state and national organizations raised concerns about the impact of this ill-advised coal plant on the economy, public health, national parks, minority communities, agriculture, and more. View list of organizations that filed briefs.

I.         Topic               The Impact of Air Pollution on Minority Populations

II.        Topic               PM2.5 and Its Impact on Prescribed Burning

III.       Topic               Impact of Coal Plants on National Parks

IV.       Topic               CO2, Global Warming, IGCC and Public Health Impacts

V.        Topic               Procedural Barriers to Fair Hearings

VI.       Topic               CO2 Emissions, Global Warming, Public Health