Clean Air & Energy Program Overview

Reducing Harmful Air Pollution

Approximately 7 million people die every year of illnesses related to air pollution – one of the 10 main causes of death on the planet. In Georgia, more than half of our state population lives in areas where it is unsafe to breathe because of high levels of smog and other harmful pollutants. The burning of coal to produce electricity is one of the leading causes of harmful air pollution, putting millions of tons of toxins into the air we all breathe.

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Wind Energy is PeachyWhat Does GreenLaw Do To Prevent Air Pollution?

GreenLaw works to clean up the dirtiest coal-fired power plants, prevent construction of new coal-fired power plants and encourage the development of renewable energy for Georgia. To accomplish this, since we launched the The Georgia Clean Air Project in 2000, we have worked to force industrial polluters to pay for the costs of energy production by strengthening and using the power of the law. By working to shift our energy mix to renewable energy from coal, we work to make a better future for all Georgians.

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Clean Air Milestones

Do you think you breathe clean air?  Think again.
The American Lung Association's State of the Air tool shows us that
Georgia's air is not very healthy. Enter in your county. The results might surprise you!