Coastal Protection & Land Use Program

Why What We Do Matters

All of Georgia’s Barrier Islands and marshlands are pristine treasures that are in danger of overdevelopment.

Georgia’s unique coast is only 100 miles long, but has 14 barrier islands, beautiful sandy beaches, and one-third of all tidal marshlands remaining on the eastern seaboard (approximately 400,000 acres).  Georgia’s marshlands are a multi-billion dollar economic engine by providing for recreation, fishing, eco-tourism and property protection from flooding.  Over 70% of all commercially harvested fish are dependent on the marsh system.

Unwise land use and increasing development pressures threaten both Georgia’s coast and Georgia’s rich geographical diversity including its coastal plain, mountains, forests, rivers and streams.  GreenLaw attempts to protect these invaluable resources so that they will be used in a sustainable way and be there for the enjoyment and use of future generations.