Contact the Glynn County Commissioners

The Glynn County Commissioners need to hear from you

GreenLaw has drawn up a summary of concerns so you can communicate with the Commissioners which points matter most to you. Contact information for each commissioner is below. If you would like to view our summary of concerns as reference points download the Word file. If you would like to view the summary of concerns with legal citations download this Word file.

Glynn County Commissioner Contact info:

E-mail all the Commissioners at once.

To e-mail an indidivual commissioner, click on the individual e-mail address below.

District 1   
Michael Browning
Phone Number: (912) 264-3697

District 2  
Dale Provenzano
Phone Number: (912) 638-1242   

District 3  
Richard Strickland
Phone Number: (912) 267-9643

District 4
Mary Hunt    
Phone Number: (912) 217-1629

District 5  
Allen Booker
Phone Number: (912) 398-9923

At-Large Post 1
Clyde Taylor
Phone Number: (912) 634-5282
At-Large Post 2  

Bob Coleman
Phone Number: (912) 265-5305