County must end spit debate

Letter to the Editor, The Brunswick News April 18, 2014

If I were a county commissioner, I would be furious regarding the proposed development of the Sea Island Spit. This proposal is based on abundant misinformation, illegalities and deceit. The area to now be developed was not in the text or even on the map of the original rezoning in 2004. This development is illegal on several grounds, including violating the county's own setback lines, which the county attorney knows-if he's worth his salt-and should so advise them. To be asked to agree to sell land that will be under water in a few years is morally inexcusable.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, pumped (re-nourished) beaches erode 11âÑ2 to 12 times faster than natural beaches, especially down current (south) of groins. The aerial photos of the area is priceless proof. I stood on the beach south of the groin when it was first installed. It is now underwater, as the photo shows. By it's nature to capture sand, it will continue to starve the proposed area of sand and beach.

Make no mistake - all this money, time and effort are not about eight houses. Our commissioners are not naive. It's about getting a foot in the door and setting a legal precedent to fully develop the spit. Years ago, a developer got permission from the commission to build a road to Hawkins Island for "tennis courts." They waited quietly for a few years, then developed it. Bait and switch. The Spit development is a classic example.

The Commissioners need to honor their oath of office and overturn the IPC decision and end this illegal and immoral boondoggle.

Tad Meeks
St. Simons Island