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Put Your Green to Work Right Now.

GreenLaw accepts checks, credit card donations, stock, and life insurance. You may give (or pledge) securely on-line. Checks may be mailed to GreenLaw, 104 Marietta Street, Suite 430, Atlanta, GA 30303. Call us if you have any questions: 404-659-3122.

Your donations to GreenLaw help keep our programs going day in and day out. These gifts may also be tax deductible for you, depending on your tax situation. Please consult with your tax advisor if you have questions.

Stock Gifts

To transfer stock to GreenLaw, please contact us at (404) 659-3122. Transferring stock is an excellent way for you to make a donation to GreenLaw because neither you nor GreenLaw pays a capital gains tax on the appreciated value. We sell the stock immediately and you receive notification of the sale price so that you may record the full market value as a charitable deduction.

Life Insurance

You may want to donate a fully-paid life insurance policy if you have grown children or other loved ones who no longer need this financial security. You may donate the policy to GreenLaw and claim a current charitable tax deduction.

You May Make Plans Now for Future Gifts to GreenLaw


The simplest type of planned gift is a bequest in your will. Bequests may reduce estate taxes and allow you to make a larger gift than you are able to make during your lifetime. Bequests may be

If you already have a will, your lawyer may simply add a codicil rather than re-writing your will. Suggested language is: I give and bequeath to GreenLaw, Inc., 104 Marietta Street, Suite 430, Atlanta, GA 30303, (Federal Tax ID # 91-2008028).

Retirement Funds

Retirement funds are taxed as income to your heirs and may be subject to estate tax as well. If you have made other estate plans for loved ones, you may want to name GreenLaw as the beneficiary of some or all of your 401k, Keogh, or other IRA. That way these funds would pass to GreenLaw tax-free and avoid an estate tax for your heirs. As with a bequest, you may designate:

Your attorney or your employer’s human resource department can provide you the form for designating GreenLaw as a beneficiary. (Federal Tax ID # 91-2008028)

Life Insurance

You may want to make GreenLaw the beneficiary of some or all of your life insurance policy if you have grown children and other loved one who are provided for in other ways in your estate plan. Contact your attorney or your life insurance agent to obtain the necessary forms to make GreenLaw, Inc., a beneficiary (Federal Tax ID # 91-2008028).

Leave A Legacy Georgia

Leave A Legacy Georgia is a public awareness campaign to encourage Georgians to make a will and to include a charity of their choice as a beneficiary. Nonprofit organizations in our state engage in a wide variety of socially useful activities and most of us benefit from them in our lifetimes. Leave A Legacy Georgia promotes giving back from one’s “estate,” which is a legal term for whatever property, stock, bonds, etc. remain after you pass on. Making a charitable bequest is a wonderful way to make a difference for future generations. For more information visit:

Workplace Giving

You can also make your contribution through workplace giving if your company has an EarthShare program. If it doesn't have an EarthShare program, contact us to find out how to make that happen!

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