June 2014 GreenLaw Voice
First-Ever Limits on Carbon Pollution Proposed
May 2014 GreenLaw Voice
Clean Air Wins for GreenLaw and Environmental Heroes Announced
Apr. 2014 GreenLaw Voice
Breaking News - Marshland protections abolished on Earth Day by EPD
Mar. 2014 GreenLaw Voice
Rivers, Islands, and Big Wind - Georgia's environment wins again
Feb. 2014 GreenLaw Voice
GreenLaw: Defending Georgia's environment from Sea Island, GA to Denver, Co
Jan. 2014 GreenLaw Voice
Wins for Solar - Protecting Jekyll Island
Dec. 2013 GreenLaw Voice
CAFO rules stand firm, PSC rate hike, Legislative Luncheon and more...
Nov. 2013 GreenLaw Voice
Georgia Gives Day, GWC's Dirty Dozen Report, Possible CAFO Rollbacks, Solar Tariff
Oct. 2013 GreenLaw Voice
EJ Grant from Community Foundation, GA Power Front Loading Solar Rates, Jekyll Compromise Reached and more.
Sept. 2013 GreenLaw Voice
GreenLaw Hosts EPA Director of EJ Matthew Tejada, Defending Nature Preserves, Atlanta's Bolton Road and more.
July 2013 GreenLaw Voice
Negotiating Jekyll, Georgia's Historic Energy Plan, GreenLaw's Patterns of Pollution Helps Influence Atlanta Zoning, Environmental Heroes Coming
June 2013 GreenLaw Voice
GreenLaw & NAACP, Sustainability Leadership, Ogeechee Success, Energy Equity Coalition
March 2013 GreenLaw Voice
Legislative update, Dr. Ben Santer, Georgia Water Coalition and more.
May 2013 GreenLaw Voice
Is Marsh Land?, Pollen Not the Only Asthma Trigger, Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow
April 2013 GreenLaw Voice
Save Jekyll Island, Environmental Hero winners, Wind power for Georgia and more.
Winter 2013
Preview GreenLaw's 2013 cases, see pictures from our fall and winter events and read updates from our four environmental attorneys!
Fall 2012
Meet the new faces at GreenLaw, see pictures from our summer events and read updates from our attorneys regarding the fight for clean air and water around Georgia!
July 2012
Saving the Ogeechee, Padding the Altamaha, and Helping Concerned Residents Comment on a Biomass Facility
June 2012
Georgia Chefs Celebrate Pastured Poultry Week, Ogeechee River Pollution Permit Hearing on Heels of Another Fish Kill, Clearing the Air: GreenLaw's work on air pollution permits
May 2012
GreenLaw Report leads to Fulton County Resolution; Update on Ogeechee River Appeal and Permit Issuance; Free Workshop on River Restoration and Environmental Justice
Spring 2012
Stephanie Stuckey Benfield Takes Reins at GreenLaw; GreenLaw Releases Report on Patterns of Pollution in Metro Atlanta; Announcing the 2012 Environmental Heroes Awardees; Judge’s Ruling Disregards Citizens’ Concerns for the Ogeechee River; Taming Pollution from Old Coal-fired Power Plants
April 2012
Coal Plant Cancelled; Meet our Heroes
March 2012
Solar Power Bill in Legislature; Atlanta Pollution Report to Be Released
February 2012
Raising Chickens in Fields, Not Factories; Turning Up the Heat on Proposed Coal Plants; Ogeechee River Pollution Permit Comments; Nominations Open for Prestigious Doremus Award
January 2012
Changes at GreenLaw, Looking for a New Leader
Welcome Stephanie Stuckey Benfield
Meet GreenLaw's new Executive Director
Winter 2011
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